Understanding others within the LGBT+ Family


Everyone as an opinion on the LGBT+ acronym, one thing it certainly does  is teach us about other sexualities and genders. After all this is what made me start Pride matters, in order to learn and help others learn about sexualities and genders. These articles were designed  with the help of the various parts of the rainbow family. These are simply a guide to the wonderful colours of gender and sexuality, helping someone to understand themselves and accepting the people around them. This doesn’t mean you have to categorise yourself or others. Some find that useful when others not so much.










One thought on “Understanding others within the LGBT+ Family

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  1. I am a mexican 39 year old woman. I am proud to be bi and have great friends with different orientations, beliefs and backgrounds and have always been respected.
    Unfortunately I don’t always feel understood. As another blogger said, gay people think you just want to stay in the closet. Straight people think you just want to have sex with everybody.
    I am happy with myself, I just think is weird not to be accepted in your own community.


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