What does pride mean to you?

Please note: A link to Pride 2017 is at the bottom of this article.

Pride month is always in June to coincidence with the Stonewall Riots anerversary and the marches that were sparked off afterwards in New York and then globally.
The marches have become a celebration for the LGBTQIA comuinity. 

So it seems fitting to ask….. 

What does Pride mean to you? 

Here are some of the best replies


#Pride to me means being proud and accepting who you are as a human. Soon it will be proudly tattooed on my forearm



#Pride is #Equality #SelfLove #BeyondLabels believing that #loveislove regardless of gender #LGBT #humanrights


#Pride to me is being comfortable with who you are and not letting anyone get you down for being you. 


Helping the younger, more insecure LGBT kids to stop being afraid to live and love as who they are!


Pride means celebrating who we are in a world that tells us to be otherwise.


#Pride to me means being comfortable with yourself and loving yourself no matter how difficult the world makes it. #LGBT


#Pride to me is not having to hide who I am to fit into other people’s comfort zones. #LGBT 


To have a sound & secure outlook That’s Pride ! 


Equality; I mustn’t be ashamed to belong to a minority, my love is worth as much as any others love.

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Guide to Pride 2017: 


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