Your thoughts: What advice would you give to parents of a lgbt child.

Years ago I had a conversation with a friend who had two teens. She wished for them not to be gay, not because she was homophobic, far from it, but because she feared other people’s homophobia.

Nowadays it’s slowly being more accepted. These simple things need to be told to parents to assure them that it’s OK if there child is lgbtqia.

Here’s some more pieces of advice from our followers on @Mattersofpride


Embrace and celebrate your child’s courage and trust in choosing to tell you x


Communicate your love, make sure they hear it.


Learn about what it is like to be LGBT, it will avoid you saying things like “that’s your choice”.


Remember they’re the same person you loved the second before they did one of the scariest things they’ll ever have to do.


You need to show your strength now, more than ever. Despite your own personal beliefs, you need to support & love your child


Think about who they were they day before they came out. That’s who they still are.


Nothing has changed, they are still your child, you loved them before you have the courage to still love them now.



Stay calm & listen also don’t say “its only a phase” mom actually said that I burst into tears but mom came around.


Don’t turn your back on them. Be there to help and support. And keep loving them!


My advice would be “don’t be an asshole and be considerate of THEIR feelings.”


Breathe, relax, dont respond until your brain has finished processing – you knew anyway but didn’t know how to show support.



Love. If you don’t know (about concepts concepts, etc), let them explain (I think that’s true for asexuals).


Be proud of them, love and support them!

It does not change who they are.

We are all human


Love them just like you did when you gave them their first bottle. Be the love you graced them with from birth. They need you.


We told her we love her & are proud. We explained it to the younger sibs. We all went for sushi (that’s her favourite)


Feel sadness? allow it, prvtly. Keep looking for the amazing person you have before you. #LGBTQ #FAMILY


Let them know (out loud) that you love them just as they are. Ask them if they want to talk about any of it.


Your child is still the same person, love them as such. In fact, love them harder. You are needed now more than ever.


Just love them.


Believe them. Still love them. Please don’t condemn them to the years of bitter pain my generation had, Be brave for them.

Just keep loving them. They’re not hiding anymore, but they haven’t changed, nor should your love for them. #Unconditional


From a parental view, listen with love and support wholeheartedly.

(aimed at the trans community) Support them, use updated pronouns/ name, they are still the same person inside before they came out despite external change


Just love their kid-they’re still the same kid you raised & brought into the world.


They are still the same person and you did nothing wrong


Don’t judge don’t criticize. Just show love and acceptance.


Let them know that you love and accept them.


Celebrate the fact that they trusted you… with such a personal revelation


Remember the person is the same. Even Trans the personality core is the same.


Do something to show them how proud you are – a cake, a hug, a rainbow glitter parade… Just let them know you care.


You can never tell them enough that you accept them, support them and most important, love them.


Listen and reserve your judgement.

Spanish version available of the below.


Your child needs you to be a haven. Love them, from cradle to grave.

Listen to them, ask them what it is they need from you (if anything) and above all love them for who they are.


Show them that you love them, and love them, and love them.
Remember, it’s not about what you have done, it’s not about sex, it’s nothing to do with religion. It’s about who they are attracted to, just as you are attracted to your wife or husband.


No difference! Provide unconditional love, specific praise, clear boundaries & model empathy. Avoid stereotyped assumptions.


I hope you don’t have problems accepting, loving & respecting your child.If you do, please find a good counselor. #loveislove

Remove all of your own ideals and accept and love as you would all children. Treat them no different. Love knows no end ♡


Abundance of loving support 4 ever.


Tell them to be themselves. That you love them and will support them. That you will help them seek to out positive LGBT role models, and do it!

Love them unconditionally & support them to achieve their fullest potential in all they wish or need to do.


Create an atmosphere of unconditional love where they will feel free to come out to you.


Embrace and support

Loving without condition

For they are a gift.

Remember, when they were young and you told them to be themselves, now help them to continue being who they are.


Never just say ‘it’s OK, I always knew’ when your child comes out to you. It may hurt that you never brought it up. What probably had made it easier for your child to open up to you.



love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love

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Extra information.

Here is Wipe out Homophobia’s pages on advice for families and lgbtqia persons.

The above are also available in Spanish.

There is plenty of support out there for parents too.

Pflag groups are global. Here are a few of countries groups websites.

UK –

Canada –


Australia -

If you would like your countries pflag group adding please contact us with the details.
We are constantly updating these pages with more information, please keep checking and advising.

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