Your thoughts: What does the rainbow flag mean to you?

Explaining the Rainbow flags origins in  makes all of us aware of its historic meaning, just the same as other iconic items through out history the flag means so many things to so many different people.

It also represents all parts of the LGBT community equally, although some groups do have an additional flag they often use side by side.

Originally the colours all had their own meaning and there were even a couple more colours than there is today.

Only recently the meanings appear to be making a come back.

So we asked the question…..

What does the Rainbow flag mean to you?

and here are some of your replies

@WeRWorld Community.

@scytheanon Togetherness.


rainbow_flower_by_lalala508-d33nsyo@JmJohnpj Respect, dignity, equality, love & hope!

@Maenllwyd hope, freedom, equality, justice, release contentment, life



@mrkosugi equality home support and love.

@ColourfulLoves it makes me so happy when i see one. It gives me a feeling of freedom and equalty in the world. I love rainbow flags!

@philosophypope inclusion, acceptance & love.


When I see the Rainbow flag I feel at ease, that I’m in a safe place. And reps the unity of my lgbt family

@moneyhomo E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G

Other articles on LGBTQIA flags.

The origin of the Rainbow flag

The Transgender Flag

Bisexual Pride Flag

The Asexual Flags 

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