Interview with a writer.

Thanks for doing this interview with me. Could you tell me about yourself?

Thank you so much Darren for having me, I am honoured to be featured. Okay! I am Salman Aziz a.k.a. AKA$H. In 2014, a fan stylised it from my nickname Akash, for my artistic short symbolic film Bloody Dark Dream.

I am a writer, indie filmmaker, artist, model, and entertainer. I am from Bangladesh. I’ve completed my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering this year.

From 2008 – 2010 I modelled for R.M. Fashion House in Bangladesh, and am also known for my realistic blogs. Also, this year I debuted as an author for my first book 6th September: A Very Unknown Mysterious Story.

How do you identify yourself?
It’s hard to say. But if you want to know about my writing part then I must say that I’ve started my writing journey since I was so young. I was only 8 years old in that time. At first, I wrote my things like poems and short stories in my native language Bengali which published in our local newspapers and school magazines. When I was almost 11 years old, I began to write in English. My home tutor helped me a lot to develop myself. And if you want to know about my filmmaking thing then it’s a natural. I’ve never had academic experience on film. I just tried, and it happened. But most of all I like to identify me as an artist. Cause in this way I can create something very unique than other. It can be any words or visual things or vocal or may be some other stuff.
I’m aware you live in Bangladesh, tell me about life out there in general and the hardships faced by the LGBTIQ+ Community.

Honestly, it’s a nightmare! I can’t say anything about it. If I say anything, then I can be killed like Xulhaz Mannan, or may be put into the jail, or may be exiled like Taslima Nasrin. But one thing I must – and should say – is that we shouldn’t label the people by something else.
We should keep it mind that we all are human and we all have freedom to live our own life. In general, living in Bangladesh is tough, because Bangladesh is a developing country and still poor. Here getting a job is so tough, and sometimes people take advantage of the weaker people. Here you can’t be anything you want to be. But at the same time, one thing I must include is that in here we can still find some good people who are really helpful and kind to others. That’s all I can say!

I understand that you have just published your first novel. Can you tell me what inspired you to write?

Yes, this year I published my first book. Actually, my inspiration comes from nature, and real events that are happening around us like suicide, rape, child molestation, social injustice etc. I always wanted to be a realistic writer in a non-fictional way. But at a certain point I realised that I want to tell the real things in an artistic way, so I must go about it in a fictional way to create something. So, this is my first fictional book.
In my blogs, I always try to show the injustices happening around the world, and try to fight for some justice through my words. My motivation is to help make the world peaceful through unity, love and equality. I always try to influence people through my works to do good, be nice, and helpful to all.
How do you think novelists from different cultures globally influence the wider LGBTIQ+ Community?

I think each novelist is different. They always try to show things through their own words. They do so to influence people. In this era through the Internet we all are connected across a global level. So in this way we can all share our own thoughts, opinions, and so many other things.
You know that love is blind. Love can happen to anyone or anything. It doesn’t vary on gender or culture or religious ties, or something else. If a person loves someone by his / her heart, then I don’t find any problem with that! They deserve to live happily together, and in this matter same gender love or different gender love really shouldn’t matter.

Briefly explain what the novel is about?

My first book is based on the real event of teen suicide. The story focusses on a Bangladeshi teenage boy named Aabrar Rahman who killed himself by overdosing on sleeping pills. He used to write everything in his diary before his suicide, but it goes missing, and so the reason behind his suicide remains a mystery.
The story reflects on how Aabrar killed himself, and how the things went so wrong, when even his parent knew it. And some people took advantage of his death, and so many interesting things happened. In this book all the characters are fictional, but the story it is based on is true.
I chose this kind of story because I want to raise public awareness on teen suicide. Because we can see that around us there are so many teenagers who are suffering from depression and mental illnesses that many people don’t try to understand. When depression gets too much, a person tries to take own life to get rid of the thoughts.
Through this story I wanted to express it in a way that could raise awareness. The story is suspenseful and is just the beginning of a multi-part story that will unravel the mystery behind his suicide.

Thank you for doing this interview with me is there an inspiring message you would like to share with our followers.

Thank you also! I would love to share.

Always remember that after heavy rain and storms, the sunshine will show! So never lose your courage, and do good work that motivates other people to do good also. Be yourself! Be nice to all! Be helpful to all! Learn to love by your heart and teach other people also! And make the world peaceful with unity, love, and equality.

I also want to dedicate some of my special quotes for the followers:

  • “People see what they want to see. People say what they like to say. People hear what they always try to listen. People always in busy to put you down or break you down. They won’t give you the courage to go ahead. They always after you and try their best to end you. But never give up. Never let yourself down. You should and must keep it in your mind.”
  • “Outer beauty won’t remain forever, but inner beauty does. Don’t run after outer beauty. Because of it can be a huge mistake when you chose outer beauty instead of inner beauty. And that will leave you with regression. Only try to know and get the inner beauty of somebody or something. It will bring peace inside of you.”
  • “With too much ego, one can be a bitter person. But without that anyone can be better person.”
  • “Finding someone’s weakness only can make you strongest in the earth but not inside you. And someday you can be in the worst situation when someone found your biggest weakness. That day you will be left with regression. Nothing can change back!”

Thank you once again for having me. All the greatest wishes to all!
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6th September: A Very Unknown Mysterious Story is published by Smashwords Publishing.

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