Are you carrying the cure or the disease? 

By @pridematters1

There is a disease out there, like no other!

It doesn’t require doctors to find a cure, but huminaty to implement the cure that they have inside.

It alienates its ‘targets’, changing their lives, destroying their existence and sometimes killing them.

There is a cure.

The government’s who have recognised the disease have had great affect on their countries. Not erridicating it yet but ensureing that the targets of the disease live better lives, the carriers are treated and the people who carry the antidote have the chance to spread it without prejudice.

In the uk they have fought against the disease for many years. Through soap operas, TV dramas, activists, government laws and many other methods.

Above: Eastenders was one of many TV programmes that set itself out to educate. 

UK TV: Soaps such as eastenders, Brookeside and Holly oaks were pioneers in educating people using the power of media. 

In this respect the UK is far from disease free, but it is slowly winning its fight.

It’s not the only country that is winning. Canada, France, Spain and many other European nations.

The targets are not victims always, but who the disease is aimed at and are mainly the carriers of the antidote.

The disease has many identities such as homophobia, Transphobia, biphobia, racism and many others including xenophobia and misogyny but it’s true name is hatred.

Mesha Caldwell was found dead on January 4th 2017

In 2016,  27 people who identify has transgender were victims of homicide in the USA. These victims were mainly black transgender females. The 2017 figures are already tragically set to be higher. 

This hatred is aimed towards people who are identify differently than the carriers of this awful disease.

It’s often referred to as bigotry.

Be aware some carriers think they are the cure.

They are not.

How can something be a cure by wiping out a unique part of humanity?

We must embrace our diversity. 

There is a cure! 

It’s out there,  already and it’s working in many countries. It too as many forms, embracement, education, love, facts not archaric opinion and so on.

Treat people the same as you wish to be treated yourself and stand up to anyone who feels it’s their right to demonstrate the hatred they have inside.

Regardless of who they are! 

Above: Mathew Sheppard was murdered because of his sexuality and many countries adopted laws against hate crimes, but without changes in attitudes any law that protects others could easily be in jeopardy if anti lgbt sentiment rises. 

We must back up the targets with changes in laws, legislation but without changes in attitudes and erridating hatred towards anyone who is different makes it possible for the laws to crumble.

Fight for erridating the disease and treat the carriers in order to make them more human again! 

They may be a president with little understanding of what makes a true defence team in their armed forces or they feel its ok to state that nazis are not the only ones in the wrong and not understanding that people will get angry against pure hatred.

Above: Most activists feel that Donald Trump policies are adding to hatred and unrest. 

A former Prime minister with a gay sister who preaches that she is a terrible parent because of her sexuality breeds hatred in his awful words. 

Below: Tony Abbott believes that his sisters children would be better off with heterosexual parents. 

They may be simply your neighbour who is vocal against ‘gay’ marriage and needs to be constantly informed it’s equal marriage for everyone.

Raise your arms and eradicate the disease with your love. Spread the word that love is an equal force. 

If you don’t understand why this needs to be done listen to the vioces of those who have suffered from inequality and you will understand better.

You will understand that all is required is equal laws with no prejudices, with strong values of respect and equality for each and everyone of us.

Ask yourself…..

Are you carrying the cure or the disease?

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