Billie Haynes: Early Hollywood star. 

By @pridematters1 

In this series we look at various heroes and advocates of the LGBTQIA family.
In this article we focus on a man who identifies as gay male. 

First star I could find  to come out was Hollywood star, Billie Haines.
Haines was a silent movie star back in the 1920’s when he met his life long partner Jimmy Shields and they moved to Los Angeles.

Even though most people who worked in the industry was aware of their relationship, the public was not. Haines was arrested in 1933 after a ‘situation’ with a sailor in a YMCA. 

Haines was sacked  by his studio MGM, after a big fight with studio legend Louis.B.Mayer. He insisted on him finding a ‘wife’ and when he refused his contract was terminated. 

He never worked as an actor again.

He stayed in Los Angeles and became an interior decorator to the stars. Haines had a lot of Hollywood friends from his early days that helped him cement a career as a  interior designer to the stars.

His clients included Orry-Kerry, Carry Grant, Joan Crawford and Marion Davies.  Haines and Shields remained together for over 50 years. Joan Crawford described them as ‘the happiest married couple in Hollywood.’ 

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