Why you shouldn’t have to worry about embracing some of your bisexuality. 

​By @cduffy1999

Bisexual women I can guess most of us bisexuals have at some point experienced one of the following statements/questions.

“Yeah but how do you know”
“You’ll come out gay eventually”
“It’s a phase”
And my personal favorite…
“That’s just you being greedy”

Haha I’m just dying of laughter cause yes totally accurate. *sarcasm

But at the same time I’m not going to apologize for going to see Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in Beauty and the Beast and proceeding to bleed from my nose as beheld both a long held crush and recently developed one at the same time.

And suggesting that a bisexual has more sex than anyone else is not only a major generalization but also suggesting that it is greedy to actually have this much sex is simply slut shamming.

Let’s just explore another thing. Threesomes. Yep. We’ve all experienced this one. I’ve had many experiences online where people will see bi female and Immediately try to coerce me into a threesome. 
This is a horrible experience when you try and try again to explain to them no sorry I’m not going to jump at the chance to have sex with two strangers usually a lot  older than myself. (For context I came out when I was 16)

Having people not get this message or even get pissed off at you for not consenting to this in the first place is sometimes a wake up call. Suddenly the message sent by society to us young bisexuals is you’re everyone’s whore.


And then you just want to shut yourself because it would feel easier somehow. Being the opposite of all the stereotypes of bisexuals as some horny jack rabbits to avoid dragging bisexuals through the mud completely.

But suddenly life loses its spice, its spirit and its warmth.

You’ve perhaps been fighting some of you’re natural behavior patterns, suppressing the truth of your identity.

Its clear that some of us are more vanilla, shy, reserved and virtuous. 
But it should not be regarded as a problem to be kinky, outgoing and have the sex drive of roughly oh I don’t know a  rabbit. 

Cause f*** it life is for living and its not our problem how people create generalizations of us. Its theirs. Its them that need their minds opened.

This is the view of the author and may or may not be the view of Pride matters or any other authors. 

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