How and why does our One Subject series works!

One Subject is simular to our interview’s in many ways. We focus on one Subject matter and a group of people from one part of the LGBTQIA community answer it.


When we have a group big enough together we hold a forum with all who are taking part and discuss what subject they wish to highlight.

You are in control as a group.

Often the ideas are taken from a few issues we are aware of, but the group is in control of the questions.  Any ideas anyone in the group have are discussed and will be priotised over our own.

The subject is decided as a democracy. 

After the subject matter and wording is completed the members of the gathered team will have time to create a couple of paragraphs that mirror their feelings on the subject chosen. They return their work in an email so noone is influenced and we proceed onwards.

It is then edited and proofed, only to check it is understandable and is often useful when English is not the contributors first language. We want EVERYONE to feel they have a voice.

When the contributor approves the work we then proceed further to format a piece that reflects many voices.

One subject shows our diversity in the LGBTQIA community.

One Subject allows EVERYONE to have a voice.

One Subject is powerfully interesting.

The next group will be aimed at women who identify as Lesbian. If you are interested please contact Pride matters on Twitter, as you need a twitter account to fully take part, although if you wish to just submit a couple of paragraphs that is possible too. Not everybody wish to debate subject matters and that is perfectly fine. The Outcome is the most important part.
Here are the ones we did earlier….


Although we are focusing on Lesbians next we would like to hear from everyone who wants to get involved.

Lesbian, non binary, mixed group, Gay men, Transgender, Bisexual, Asexual, Allies.
(in order of next group)

Please get involved, your comuinity needs you!

Contact us on @Mattersofpride 

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