Interview with Ivøry Black: Part One. 

Interviewer @pridematters1

Hello. Thanks for doing this interview with me. 

Absolutely! And it’s my pleasure.

How do you identify yourself?

I am proud to say that I have a non-binary identity and I am continually getting to know myself everyday.


Many people who read this won’t be familiar with the term non-binary when referring to gender. Can you explain for these people. 

When I say non-binary I am referring to the mindset of how one identifies oneself. Not how others see them. I may one-day present as male and another as female or even another day as a mixture of both. However this has nothing to do with what it is to be non-binary OR even trans. It isn’t what you wear or how you appear to others on the gender spectrum. It’s how you perceive yourself like any identity. With that said I find myself on the outside of the spectrum of gender. I don’t completely identify as either. On the other hand I’m strictly neutral. I’m fluid in how I present myself but to me I find gender in my universe to be very personal as it can be as we say… unique. 

When did you realise that you are non-binary?

I had a period in my life where I was full on male presenting and as direct as I can put it, I just didn’t quite kill the role. Not that I couldn’t, it was just that I had no need to. It was a lot like playing music that didn’t really make me move. There are ideas of what gender is on either side and one day I realized I didn’t want to fit any of those “specifications”. I can have the freedom to be who I am regardless of what it “means” to be one way or the other but it wasn’t until about 5 years ago that I learned that who I am had a name.

How did this affect your life at the time? 

At the time prior to my revelation, I had adopted many labels that I thought suited my personality and mindset best. So of course I presented as these identities. Over the years, however, I discovered in myself a very two-spirited personality. This brought on the inspiration for my name Ivøry Black as well as how I socially presented myself, but not presenting myself stereotypically as anything at all. I wear androgynous clothing, and as a male born individual that would seem odd as one would think of non-binary for a male to present a more feminine personality and presentation. But I am not what I wear and I found my life was greatly affected by how I presented the idea of what “non-binary” was while still holding onto my personal values of what gender attributes I wanted to present socially. People have their own preconceived ideas of what gender is to them and it shows daily in my world. Ie : I give you the gritty concept of PRONOUNS.

What would you like to achieve, realistically for yourself and for visibility? 

My initial goal on a large scale is to inspire all I can with my music. I want to put on a show where everyone leaves enlightened and pumped to be a great human being! I think there is a movement happening and I want my music to be a voice for a silent cry in the middle of chaos putting itself back together. 

Visibility wise I want to be as engaged into the LGBTQIA community as I possibly can. We may have different identities but we all love great music and to have a fun time meeting new people and inspiring others. I hope to jump on board and have a great impact on an already flourishing concept. The rainbow is an amazing symbol and the more diversity the merrier I think.

In part two we talk about Ivøry Black’s music, how their self identity influences and defines their music too. 

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