Transgender and Allies Day Of Visability 

by @Aunty_Vicki

Firstly a poem

A new method of thinking of pre & post transition trans people. 

While in the closet, 

I was not being authentic me, 

far from it really! 

So the person you thought you knew,

is gone now

with some pieces from before

but changes, there are more, 

an actor plays in many different series and so on, 

each character they play is different, 

so it is for pre & post transition, 

companies rebrand and everyone copes, 

& changes in a short amount of time, 

why is it with people, 

that this takes more time?

With Donald Trump now as President of the United States, This years Day of Vsability is more important than ever, standing up against Trumps Transphobic Policies that have already seen some of Barack Obalma’s equalising policies reversed.

The latest blow, is that Gavin Grimm’s case for being able to use The gents is now going to be heard at a lower court, rather than at the supreme court.
Wake up people and smell the roses. Transgender people have been around since Eve was made from Adam’s Rib, unless of course Trump sore in on a piece of Fiction. Yet it has only been the last few years that laws about who can pee where have made the news. The simple fact of the matter is, a large number of people have shared a bathroom with someone trans without anything untoward happening to them. We are in there for pretty much the same reason as you, we need the bathroom, to fix our make up in the giant mirrors in there, or to chat in private for a few minutes with other female friends.
Looking back 2 years ago, I had a temperairy tat to help celbibrate the day of Visability. Things were heading in the direction of being better together then.  Hopefully in time, that which has been given and then snatched away will return to stay.

Humans are Humans. 

That simple fact needs to be realised and legally recognised.

Another peom to finish with:

locally it is the weeks of pride

a wide variety of events for everyone including you

while I live on being me

Some ask what is pride about

for those #LGBTQIA+,

non binary

it is a piece of our history, 

documenting the pathway to becoming more equal, 

than we were before, 

Celebrate and love safely, 

Kind regards from this Asexual Trans woman lady.

This is the view of the author and may or may not be the view of Pride matters or any other authors. 

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