RuPaul’s Brick Race! 

RuPaul’s Brick Race is a loving homage to everyone’s favourite American television drag fest – RuPaul’s Drag Race, a series that is successful in many countries.

A fan-made LEGO Ideas project, it blends the colour, whimsy, fun and creativity of the RuPaul and LEGO universes.

Submitted to LEGO Ideas – the LEGO Group’s platform for crowdsourcing ideas that can be turned into real-world sets – RuPaul’s Brick Race features scenes and characters from RPDR and has garnered the support of drag fans across the globe, as well as key figures (or rather, “minifigures”) depicted in the design.

The project has already received almost 5,000 votes towards the 10,000 votes needed. Once 5,000 votes are received, an extra 6 months will be added to the timeframe for reaching the 10,000 votes needed to progress this concept to an official LEGO review process. 

RuPaul has tweeted about her new LEGO incarnation as has Michelle Visage, who has also actively encouraged fans to vote for this concept and also Ross Mathews. Bianca del Rio, Jinkx Monsoon and World of Wonder Productions (the production company that make RPDR) have also been generous with their retweets and love.
There’s still a long way to go to get to the magical 10,000 votes that will send this concept on to an official LEGO review. At that review stage, it’s possible the project would not be selected for production for all sorts of reasons. 

That said, just getting this set to the official review stage sends a positive signal to the LEGO company that there is interest in diverse toys and the representation of LGBTQI lives in LEGO land.

Project creator, Mark Fitzpatrick, thinks this is important. “Representation means visibility. LEGO has recently made great strides forward with meaningful representations of empowered women, disabled people and even stay at home dads! Every increase in diversity in LEGO’s product line sends positive messages to children that they can be who they want to be.” 

You can find further information about the project at (and you can vote to support it) at

Social love for RuPaul’s Brick Race:

RuPaul has seen and shared the project on twitter here and here

Michelle Visage has also thrown her support behind the project on twitterherehere and here and on Instagram,here. Ross Mathews is in love with his LEGO incarnation, here. World of Wonder Productions also support the project (see this blog post).

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