Anti lgbt sentiment. 

By @pridematters1 

“I am sorry,  I am not going out with you because you are gay!”

There I said it! 

By now you are calling me homophobic and talking on the phone ordering, the lynch mob……………. 

Only I was using it to make a point! 

Perhaps you felt hurt, perhaps betrayed and maybe you felt as though you have come across one of those homophobes you meet all the time on social media.  

One sent me a lovely DM, to a private account, it read 

There is a special place in hell for you! 

I replied 

How lovely! I hope it has air conditioning! 

I could actually say that every Christian is the same:

A homophobic, hate, mongering, one brain celled animal, but I know that isn’t true. 

As Dustin Lance Black pointed out once “They are few in numbers but deep in pockets” or words to that effect. 

They are simply a collective of individuals who look bigger in numbers due to their vocal cords exercised by their bank accounts, probably due to paying little taxes and not spending it on the homeless or other good causes, but only to the pursuit of condemning and oppressing others that are different than themselves. (in my opinion) 

We shouldn’t judge other individuals because of the actions of individuals or organisations like these. 

We should look at the individual and help them, if possible of course, sometimes it’s best to say goodbye, to the overly aggressive or abusive. 

So let’s go back to my first point. 

This time I’m going to change the words slightly……..

“I am sorry, I am not going out with you because you are bisexual!”

Above: non binary sexuality doesn’t mean you are fifty percent into males and fifty percent into females, far from it. 

There is a small number of gay men who believe it is OK to discriminate against bisexuals in such a way, saying bisexuals are a waste of time or they are cheaters, yet they see it wrong for others to judge them on who they are.

Imagine this! 

I’m sorry you can’t have this hot dog, because you are queer!

How angry would someone be then! 

My message to gay men who feel it’s OK to discriminate on the grounds of non binary sexuality would be…….. 

I hope that bisexuals do call you out and help you understand your ignorance! 

As you are attracted to other men, they are attracted to both sexes*.

Nothing to do with ethics at all, it’s that simple.

Nothing to do with greed, it’s that simple.

Nothing to do with confusion, it’s that simple. 

I equally want bisexual men to understand one simple thing too.

Its only a few of gay men that feel like this!

However we all need to call them out, point them out and make sure people understand that everyone doesn’t have this view.

Dont go to their level, be polite and informative, when you can. I know it’s hard at times, trust me I’ve failed more than once. 

Above: No one will disown you. This is probably a message from a gay man feeling badly hurt from his bisexual boyfriend leaving him. Many gay men will leave there gay boyfriends over time, just like many straight men will leave there girlfriends, it’s life. They have no right to feel every bisexual is to blame. 

Like the good Christians that are often judged on the same standards as the faux ones. 

Together we need to fight the LGBTQIA internal phobic views as a community and not individuals because that won’t happen. 

I understand this issue and others do too, I hope as we help you win this fight you can take warmth in that!

Above: Someone’s sexuality has nothing to do with you. They are being honest they are attracted to both sexes.*

Big hugs! 

*sex = biological male/female

Gender = self identity, can be seen as many genders.Not to blow anyone’s mind but a bisexual can be attracted to two or more genders. 

This is the view of the author and may or may not be the view of Pride matters or any other authors. 

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