Don’t isolate yourselves!

By @pridematters1 

My thoughts on the American presidency and the lgbt family.

Above: Trump on the campaign trail, being given a folded flag from a member of the crowd, with the message upside down.

Every single eye and ear was turned towards America, watching every move, listening to every word,  as the new American President made his inauguration speech.

Many in the crowd were supporting America’s new president, some happy with his choice of words on his Christian values and words about ‘Let’s make America Great again’.

Others viewed it has a memorial service to American democracy, looking at the faces of past presidents, both Democrat and Republican you could see why.

Above: One of the most popular presidents for years.  Yet it feels like his hard work for equality is about to be knocked down by lies on unity. 

One thing that struck me was an interview by a British correspondent, with two members of the spectators that clearly supported Trump.

The Brit asked “Do you think that putting America first in the way Trump wishes isolates your country?”

The lady’s face said it all, she hadn’t seen it that way before! 

The lesson here is simple. We have to think how other people view things, especially when you are in a minority, like Trump supporters clearly are.

It’s easy not to see other peoples point of view at times, despite the world screaming at their TV screens and ready to stay clear of American goods, holidays, finance, deals on trade and so on.

Its not a threat, but a fact, would you favour a country that is thinking about itself and not balancing it’s needs with the needs of others? 

Sending a message to the world that ‘we wont buy or hire anything or anyone that isn’t American’, the sentiment is soon returned.

You have to ask yourself is failing to see that niave?

We have to think of other peoples  values and needs, finding ways in order to live in harmony and benefit from each other. It’s so simple to do so.

It seems hard to get the message across at times to those who ‘think’ they are right to reclaim something that belongs to them, yet it belongs to everyone.

It’s harder to understand how you can use words such as unity in your maiden speech, hours later to launch the White House’s website and the first and only items placed on it are about defence and the military, despite two months to prepare this.

This would have played a big part of getting people on board, if it focused on uniting all of Americans, as promised in the inauguration and campaigns over the last few years.

As it stands it’s not unity and in the words of Ms Church, its seems more like tyrancy.

Trump should be trying to gain the support of the majority of Americans that didn’t put the x next to his name. Let’s face it there was more support for Clinton, the Trump supporters were simply distributed better.

Between November and January was the time to sit down and look at how to get others on his side, in order to make this work for everyone.

I can hear people arguing why he should, one simple word……


Our Rainbow family can also learn from the new administration in the Whitehouse and the errors they’ve made already.

We can see that we need to be sure we don’t isolate ourselves too.

Show the world that all we want is Equality for all but also being seen to be true about it.

You can already see this because Lgbtqia organisations have an history that believe this and are visible to show that everyone should have the same rights as themselves, but we need to keep pushing this incredible message, unlike Trumps cabinet whose historic actions speak load against unity.

Perhaps Trump feels such words as unity are overrated and he’s simply taking the p***.

We can also see how we need to unify in the true sense with EVERYONE who believes in equality and not isolate ourselves too. It’s more apparent now than ever, both within America itself and with their LGBTQIA brothers and sisters globally as they will support you, 

after all….

When there is a war on hate, love always wins.

This is the view of the author and may or may not be the view of Pride matters or any other authors. 

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