What does diversity means to you? 

​By @pridematters1

We asked What diversity means to you? on @Mattersofpride here are your thoughts……. 


Looking beyond your difference and accept people for who they are. 


Diversity = Accepting everyone as they are, even when they don’t look like us.


Simply being free to be who you really are without fear!


Diversity means everyone’s equal but different and it’s not something to just tolerate, but something to celebrate. 🙂


It means no gay bars, just bars, where everybody is welcome and feels safe, regardless of what label they’re supposed to carry. 


It’s means that my children can be who they are meant to be without fear and prejudice, both came out as bisexual


Giving, Growing, Giving Back and Being that #onevoice to make change happen!

I can do it in one word:


Here are my thoughts on diversity and it’s meaning! 

Diversity is simple, each of us are different. From the obvious to the intricate detail. 

For me diversity is about accepting others colours, just like the Rainbow flag teaches us. Looking inside of others and accepting everyone as equals untill they prove otherwise. 

Black, white, Gay,  straight, lesbian, Muslim, Asian, transgender, Cisgender, Christian, disabled, bisexual and so on. It’s not about the group but the individual. Don’t condemn someone because what you think of the group but only if they are harmful towards you. Solely being a gay male or a Muslim doesn’t make you dangerous. There are good and bad in all of us and you become as bad as the homophobe or racist woman hater if we did that. 

But you knew that anyway! 

The dictionary stats……..  


  1. the state of being diverse.

    “there was considerable diversity in the style of the reports”

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