What simple message would you like to give to someone who is anti lgbt that gives positive thought to them? 

I find the best policy if you engage with someone who is being phobic towards out comuinity is to politely engage with them a little, but be in control. 

I personally use phrases like however I understand that these phrases don’t suit everyone. 

All we are after is equal rights, simply the same as you and you can fault a fellow tax payer for wanting that. 

Sometimes saying

Loving someone doesn’t hurt anyone but ignorance does! 

And others 

It may well be your belief that my sexuality is wrong but it’s my belief it’s my choice to live the way I was born and feel inside. 

It’s always best not to get angry and often not to over engage. 

Over engaging is SOMETHING I SOMETIMES fail with. 

On social media I have a five engagement rule, then I finish the sentence off with……

I am sorry that you don’t understand,  but thank you for making me stronger to fight homophobic hatred!

So I asked what positive message you would give to someone that is anti lgbt and these are some of the replies….. 


We are your friends, family, neighbors, and the people you loved before you were aware of who we love. That hasn’t changed. 

Hate serves no real purpose. We are all still human live & let live. Remember your loved ones could be lgbt. Respect all!

Every person has a right to love sum1 no matter, race, culture, gender or age. What do U fear? We’re on this earth to love. 


Why do you hate me when yesterday before you knew me fully you loved me. This is what you are fighting against, me, and who I am.


 Stop being an eejit



If we reject someone on only 1 aspect of themselves, we are all in danger of rejection. Look for what you have in common.

We are who we are and we will be who we are. We live amongst you and our children school with your children. We are people.

We are all human, we are all equal and deserve to love. Love one love all without prejudice or judgement. 

Always love yourself!

It’s the one thing that i am the worst at.


To one and all the  anti LGBT out there! 

Your hypochondria can be cured, with conversion therapy.

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