Transgender day of Remembrance. 

​by @Aunty_Vicki

Firstly a poem

A sad day

Candles posted

while I compose

Needing to connect with my inner rose

The poets skills will be needed too

To make the articles wording pleasant for you

While showing part of my world

Remember I am writing from the angle of a Transgender-Genderfluid Girl.

Ms, Vicki, She, Her, Them, They fit me

You know what fits you

However you identify

I Platonically love you too

The day of remembrance has long been a part of my life. The first service I ever attended was in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1992. This first service was held in Victoria Square, near the Avon River and the Town Hall, as it was then.

Of course back then it wasn’t called TDOR but very little has changed. 

The service spoke about some of the people on the list, about their lives, much like an ANZAC Service or memorial service.

After the speeches and readings were complete, the tealight candles were lit and placed in paper boats and allowed to float down the rivers path.  The experience was very moving and changed part of my life forever. 

I learned that not everywhere was as open and welcoming to people who are Transgender or Gender Fluid.  I also later learned there were more Allies  at the service than anyone else.  This gave me hope that one day society would adjust enough for me to feel safe enough to be me publicly full time.  That turned out to be biological age 36.  A lot would happen between that service and finally being closer to me than ever before at 36.

More about my Transition/ Evolution / Changes are recorded in other articles published by @MattersOfPride and in my series of ebooks. 

This year sadly there are a lot of names on the TDOR List of names if you take the global view of Humans are humans, where ever they may be.   Earlier in the year, I lit a candle for some people as well as at midnight on ANZAC Day. While Tealight Candles are a tradition for Transgender people, I think our Allies deserve recognition too; leading by example, everyone is welcome to take part, however they choose to.  The photo below is from last years vigil at my own home.

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