My thoughts as an ally on Transgender awareness.

Each year on November 20th Transgender Remembrance day is marked for those who have fallen for simply being transgender. It’s hard to imagine receiving that knock on the door to discover your own son, daughter, brother, or sister have been murdered for being themselves or took their own lives, simply for being visible. 

A friend of mine,  neighbour discovered their transgender daughter hanging in their shed, due to bullying. They didn’t fail their child, the bullies failed their own humanity. Their child wasn’t weak but weakened by others constant bullying tactics. Some will disagree with me but it’s nothing short of murder by proxy. 

Aydian Dowling : The first Transgender male to appear on Gay Times magazine.

Imagine if they supported the other football team and got caught up in the other supporters and punished for being in the wrong shirt, let alone the wrong body, as transgender people feel they are.

No one can justify murder, bullying or intolerance of another human being

It’s simply evil and is equally as wrong to turn a blind eye, yet hundreds, maybe thousands do. 

Of cause there have been many gay men, women and bisexual men slaughtered in simular ways but not as many as in the transgender communities, when it comes to their percentages. 

I’m not saying that any life is any less important, It’s not,  we are all simply nature’s beautiful creation. However when one groups peecentages are higher on the ‘charts’ than others and nothing seems to be done about it, then something needs to be done about it.

Being a part of a minority, that most of us are in,  one way or another, we need to empathise with other minority groups and ultimately support them in any way we can.

I have heard people say distastefully that transgender people deserve it or they are not helping themselves.

Does anyone deserve to be treated different, simply because they are different to yourself? 

Others will say, again distastefully they are perverts and deserve it.

It’s funny how people can judge others so quickly for being themselves when they fit easily in the more common part of soiecity. 

A few will point out the bible says xyz.

Often my reply to the constant attack that gender, or for that matter sexuality is sinful is… 

That’s your belief system, not theirs and there is no reason why in a world of seven billion people we can’t all enjoy each others diversity and learn to love each other more.

Others  will point out stats or figures that the lgbt community are xyz.

We are not talking about stats. We are talking about people’s lives here!

You have the right to believe what you wish and frankly many will criticise your choices no matter, but you’re  better than them and you need to show that by accepting and understanding others better too. 

Suicides in the LGBTQIA community are higher than any other group, even higher in bisexuals and tragically doubles in transgender comuinity.

I’ve  been doing Pride matters for a few years.  I set it up to raise awareness of all of the LGBTQIA community without prejudice, to help people within the comuinity learn about each other and people beyond our community.

India Willoughby returned to the Tyne Tees regional programmes as the first transgender female newsreader in the UK in Autumn the 2016. Quickly Joining the ITV show Lose women, in mid November 2016.

The biggest thing I’ve learnt is not to be seen as a voice for any group. Its unfair to be another groups voice but to be a platform for them to shine. It’s why I set up the think tank, to discuss all lgbtqia comuinity issues and come up with awareness ideas,amomg other ideas. I’m always looking for new voices by the way, just contact me. 
I have learnt is that all the transgender community need is people to stand at the side, giving support or behind them, giving them back up. After all they are doing pretty well themselves, the pictures I’ve added shows how successful they are doing but that extra support, never harms anyone. 

Listen and learn about their needs, help them fight for equality and a better understanding and that is something we all can do.

Riley Carter Millington, is the first transgender actor to play a transgender character in a UK soap.

If we can not tolerate others, how can we be expected to be tolerated?

Oh yea another thing now and then to acknowledge their acceptance in your heart…….. 

Show them acceptance with….. 

A big fat lingering hug! 

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