What is normal?

Last updated on 25th December 2016 

How many times have you heard someone with phobic views towards the LGBTQIA community say……. 
It’s not normal!

It’s hard to understand why someone who identifies themselves as heterosexual can’t even see the flaws in this statement. Equally it’s hard for anyone to understand someone’s else’s sexuality or gender. 

Hearing this must be damaging and confusing to any questioning youth. I once heard an avid homohater say….. 

The queer youths in our town are confused and it’s clear they need direction.

He also used the word ‘queer’ as a derogarative term and not as an umbrella term. 

Not even thinking the reason they are confused is because they are telling them to be themselves as they are growing up and once becoming old enough to realise they are lgbtqia then telling them its not normal……

What is normal is always a question that comes up when talking about the lgbt community! It’s not normal is often thrown unmercifully in the face of questioning teens, starting a downward spiral of confusion, leading to other issues.

I always use this analogy….. 

Think of blonds, brunettes and black haired peeps as the most common colours, red heads are the least. 
It doesn’t make red heads any less normal than the other common colours, simply a rarity or unique!

So what exactly is normal? 

I asked our twitter followers on @Mattersofpride what they saw as ‘normal’ and then came the brilliant advice an quotes….. 


The issue is simple: just because something is common doesn’t make it more normal than anything else people might be or do! 


There’s no such thing as normal. Don’t chase other people’s notion of normality. Be you. Be loud, proud, unique… Be happy.


We live in a crazy world where wars, poverty and tragedies are “normal”. The dreamers  are called “weird”.

I love being weird.


No such thing as normal but there is a thing called Unique- be Proud of your uniqueness & remember- you were made to shine.


Normal could be peaceful Co existence. 


“Normal” is a social construct created to differentiate between those who can be easily manipulated & who can’t.


Everyone has their own definition of what is or has to be normal, especially influenced by their social environment. religious beliefs. 


Normal is boring.
Be different.
Be yourself.


We are all in the same boat but there’s some of us intentionally drilling holes down in the bilges. There’s only one result


Wait, there’s a ‘normal’ human being?? That’s new and progressive!


Normality is your personal standard. It doesn’t matter if that is normal to other people. Normal is different to everyone.



Normal is showing humanity, compassion accepting people for who they are regardless of sexual orientation, colour, race or sex


Nothing in nature is normal, everything is constantly changing and evolving towards the best it can be… https://t.co/byP0qIhOpS


You can also consider all the research done which shows in the majority of cases, those that vocalise their distaste towards homosexuality are in fact strongly aroused by images and video of homosexual activities. But then again… also considering all mammals, transsexual, homosexual and bisexual is pretty normal. Is heterosexuality a social conditioning away from the norm of “free love” and free expression of gender? Because if you take all warm blooded animals into consideration, it probably would be by hugh margin. 


So what is normal? 
You are!

Don’t let anyone kid you otherwise. 

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