Young lad on Old Street


Debut novel exposes secret world of London gay escorts.

Young Lad on Old Street, written by AJ Thomas, is a coming of age story set in contemporary London.
Harry is the low-achieving son of high-achieving parents. While his friends go to university, he stays at home in suburbia, watching his parents and their unhappy marriage.

Unknown to them, he is working as a gay escort, selling himself as Young Lad on Old Street after the east London district of that name. In the course of his work, he meets Frank, an older man who draws him into a world of dubious dealings, criminality, and unrequited love.

This is AJ Thomas’ debut novel.

The story is told deftly through the eyes of the eponymous character with a mixture of cynicism and naivety and large doses of black humour.


Buy your copy:
Young Lad on Old Street is published by Red Page Publishing.
It is available through Gay’s The Word, all good bookshops and all online retailers. Price £9.99 (paperback); £6.99 (e-book and kindle editions).

Learn more:
To find out more about AJ Thomas and Young Lad on Old Street, please visit to read his Author Biography

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