Interview with Mr Gay England (2016)

Part two


I understand you won a dance competition with a same sex partner, tell me a little about that?

Yes, we did, here’s a link.

Do you think that this kind of exposure helps awareness towards sexual diversity?

But of course….its a massive platform for us guys to voice our thoughts and opinions. I had no idea that there were so many letters after LGBTQIA+. Now I know, Now I understand, we all are the same at the end of the day, we just wanna love and be loved! 

What would you say is the biggest defining moment in your life, till winning Mr Gay England , of cause?

I would have to say my separation from my Husband. It destroyed me, but I came back to England from living in Brazil. I was a mess, eventually after time I got back on track. I put my head down and focused on my Career. My modeling took off. Before I knew it I was front cover of magazine, cat walking in fashion shows up and down the country, photoshoots! Left, right and centre. Its amazing what a breakup can do to you. Both negative and positive. I thank him for ending things to be honest. We are now on good talking terms, but thats all! 

Its obvious you work out, what’s a typical week at the gym to keep so fit?

Ahhhhhh… you flatter me! my pictures are all just good angles and i know how to work lighting.

No no no, seriously I do enjoy keeping fit, go to the gym about four or five times a week. My best friend, Michael trains me.

Everything from cardio to free weights to machines, worst day is leg day, as two days late, try sitting down on the toilet.

So what is your day job at the moment? 

God where do I begin. I am an Event Manager for one of Newcastles Premier Nightclubs. I am a PA to the celebrity Hairstylist Neville Ramsay. I am a catwalk choreographer for Milk_Shake Hair Global and a signed Model and at the present time campaigning for the Mr Gay Europe title should be a Job too.

What’s your biggest achievement so far career wise? 

Choreographing a huge international show for Milk_Shake Hair Global (milk_shake is a hair product company) It was a Heaven and Hell theme. So many Models massive production, huge catwalk, and it was ALL mine.

Since you have been made Mr Gay England what have you learnt in regards of #lgbt issues around the world

Emotional one! Right I dont know if you have seen episode two of my vlogs, but I mentioned Mr Gay Syria Hussain Sebbat and about the decapitation of his boyfriend by ISIS it destroyed me. Being thrown of roofs, set on fire, exiled. I cant even write any more on this subject as I’m crying now even thinking about, images I have seen can’t ever be Unseen. Prayers to Hussain.

Work wise, what would you like to do next? 

In reference to the last question, become and assassin and destroy ISIS, I wish! 

No seriously… LGBT Youth Suicide is an issue i want to help/tackle. 

Not myself. But suicide is something very close to Home as I’ve mentioned in my last article reg my father. So this is what I want to do with my life. I want to prevent it and help save lives. I have a lot of experience that id like to share.

Below is chart that shows how big of an issue suicide is within the lgbtqia family.


So you entered, and won Mr Gay England, firstly what empowered you to do a competition like this?

The end game. To have a huge voice with power behind it! From LGBTQIA+ youth suicide prevention, to uniting Europe, to help change the way certain governments stand on their (for lack of a better word) BACKWARDS views on gay laws and rights. This is why i wanted to enter.

How did you feel when you actually won?

OMG! A lil school girl comes to mind, overwhelmed, excited but nervous as I knew I had a hell of a lot of work ahead of me.

What was the reaction from your friends and family?

Amazing. It still is now 6 weeks on. Support is overwhelming. They call me the King Gay of England, pfffft oh please!!! Hahaha. No but really I couldn’t have wished for a better bunch.

I believe the next competition is Europe, I wish you luck with that. Do you think the face of these kind of competitions are changing? 2016!

Yes. Its not just a beauty pageant! Its brains too. Exams. Interviews. Physicals. The whole shebang! This year we have our fist disabled contestant, Paul Davies, representing Wales.

How do you now feel at this moment about where you are? 

Right now I’m sat on the front door of a Gay Nightclub. Its 3am. So, erm tired. 

Ohhhh you meant as in my life!

Could not be happier. The Love I have around me is just amazing. My Best friend Andrew keeping me going as sometimes I feel slightly snowed under with everything. Just those 5 min sit downs with a G&T to unwind with him! Gets me through the day between jobs. After everything, I am exactly where i wanna be! 

Part three to follow shortly.

Take a look at Part One

You can vote for Joni at

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