What advice would you give on coming out?


Last updated on 24th December 2016

Coming out can be hard to do, so I asked everyone what advice would they give to someone? 


You’re are never alone and it will get better also come out when YOU are ready.


Make sure you’re ready and prepared for a negative outcome. But stand proud of who you are. You are beautiful.

Be patient with others. It probably took you a while to accept it so it will probably be the same for others. Plenty of support out there. 

If you are underage and you think your parents are gonna react badly, don’t do it unless u got a backup plan.


No matter what you’ll always wish you did it sooner.


Be strong in your truth . Stay true to yourself , others opinions don’t define you . Love yourself always


You had time to accept and love who you are, sometimes you have to let others take a little time. That was my experience.


B sure-B brave-Find support-Practice your speech-Don’t have expectations-Educate yourself 2 answer ?’s or refute lies.


 Be yourself. Never let what others do or say change you. Seek support from local lgbtq groups. Remember, you are not alone.


It’s critical to be & defend yourself.They moved on me in the US Army in the 70s & I fought them & won.


Don’t be afraid to be yourself and own it with pride.


Be careful who you tell. I have a friend who, every time he tells someone, it’s one friend lost.

Breathing and living is so much easier outside of the closet. I did it 6yrs ago and don’t regret it. You can do it too! 


You have to be confident, and “own” it, be comfortable and calm/clear headed, dont panic,and be brave.

What’s most important to the people who truly love you is your happiness. Being true to yourself leads you to happiness


Its not the end but a beautiful beginning


There is no pause or rewind button in life, every moment u wait ur missing out on experiences you can’t get back


Love yourself because you deserve it.


Be true to yourself. Even when the going gets tough, and it will.


Who you are matters much more to you than to anyone else. Be yourself.

Tell your parents to contact PFLAG, all welcome! We love & cherish our rainbow kids & exist to support their family


Make sure you have someone or some people who have your back


Be!, Be yourself, Be happy,  Be proud and live, live, live.


It gets better, never give up.

Start small, with your inner circle first, then work your way out-or do like I did and tell the whole world at once.

Come out in your own time. And, if you suspect birth family will reject you, make sure your chosen family is solid.

Don’t be pressured into doing it, do it when you feel ready and not before. 
It will be hard and maybe even painful, but in the end you’ll feel lighter, you’ll feel free.


Make sure you’re safe. Take your time. Don’t be ashamed. Don’t let others undermine you.

wait until you’re ready! don’t be pressured into it. it’s your life, you’ll know when❤️

Nothing is ever as it seems. Trust your instincts. Embrace the freedom to be yourself.

Don’t just leave porn open on the computer. That usually doesn’t go over very well

Never be ashamed of who you are, be sure you’re ready & are individually stable before telling those you depend on

The world is ready and waiting to love the real you. Be safe, but have fun.

Just take your time, and understand that some people don’t get it. If anything you are teaching people how to accept.


First of all… Know that you actually know who and what you are. Live your life and not a stereotype imposed on you.


Coming out first to an #LGBTQI* person for advice & establish support networks. Then at YOUR pace to people you trust.
Know that coming out never ends! You have to decide who needs to know what in any given social group or relationship.


Be ready & strong; prepare for the worst while hoping for the best; be ready for the stream of questions & have answers.



Do it in your own time; in your own way. Despite how cliche it sounds – it does get better from even the best of circumstances.

Coming out is hard to do, but then your truth shall set you free #LoveIsLove


Do it when YOU are ready. Stay safe. Take care. Trust that it DOES get better. Love yourself and be proud of who you are!


You matter and you’re loved. And you don’t need anyone in your life who tells you otherwise.


Remember that everyday is a coming out process and that you’re always growing but remember you are enough and loved.


Only come out when YOU are ready. If you feel unsafe, do not let anyone rush you. You have nothing to be ashamed of.


If you might be to scared to say it to someone there are other ways to them text, letter, etc


Never be ashamed to live in and speak your own truth


Make sure it’s on your own terms. Make sure you’re ready. Don’t be afraid. You are not alone.

Wear sunscreen.

Which prompted @2B_Painfree to say

Always wear sunscreen…try #bluelizard bottle changes color 😉


Tell friends first. You should have a support system before you tell your parents just in case something goes wrong.

coming out will show you who your true friends are.


Make sure you have someone who is supportive, on standby to call if you need to decompress and breathe


Don’t ever be ashamed of being yourself, be proud.

If you can’t bring yourself to say what you need in person, consider writing a letter.

@FiendNikki adds

Or a video.


Be safe, and be unapologetic. You’re braver than you think. And the freeing feeling after is like no feeling in the world.


Be kind/conscious/patient w/U! Ask when/who is 2B 1st Hope for the best/prepare for not! Took U time/They may need 2

And the final tweet…… 


Tell your wife first.

If you want your advise adding to this series, please contact me on @Mattersofpride or at pridematters1@gmail.com

A big thank you for everyone taking part.

Remember be the best YOU that YOU can be!


Extra information. 

Here are Wipe out Homophobia’s pages on advice for families and lgbtqia persons. 



The above are also available in Spanish. 


There is plenty of support out there for parents too. 

Pflag groups are global. Here are a few of countries groups websites. 

UK – http://www.pflag.co.uk/

Canada – http://pflagcanada.ca/

USA – https://www.pflag.org/

Australia -http://pflagaustralia.org.au/

If you would like your countries pflag group adding please contact us with the details.

We are constantly updating these pages with more information, please keep checking and advising. 

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  1. I think you should do in a way what I did. I took a week to plan out how I’m going to do it, and if my parents had a certain response I would have an answer to them, even though I still ended up crying.


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