What does unity means to you?

A few amongst our beautiful Rainbow family don’t appear to believe in unity, accepting others for who they are. I find this extremely sad, to help to guide others I asked.


What should unity in the #lgbt family mean…..


I’m with @stonewalluk on this – acceptance without exception.


Assisting and supporting each other no matter what as we are all Human Beings.

Recognising our differences, accepting our uniqueness in our individuality, that makes us one community.


Peaceful togetherness and understanding.

Understanding, loving, peacefulness, acceptance. Acceptance is key


#LGBT  should  support & accept all. I feel some do not accept people who are transgender. Together we are stronger. The key for me is respect & treat others the way you wish to be treated.

Respect, defend, correct and be an ally to all the letters. Strength in unity. Love one, love all!



Together as one, no discriminating others for their choices, accepting straights for being straight, kill with kindness.


Replacing a self-defeating culture of Shade and Shame with a unifying  one of Restoration and Respect.


I don’t know if unity between just LBGT, but a unity between all identities so none are discriminated against.


These are my personal thoughts…. 

Unity is like holding hands in a circle, becoming strong, learning, supporting and standing beside each other with respect and acceptance. Individuals breaking the circle through in compliance, happens from time to time but the circle is strong and can be repaired with others from the same or other parts of the family. When the strength is needed to endure attacks from outside of the united circle we stand as a united unstoppable force, against prejudice and bigotry from whoever presents it .Ultimately aiming at becoming stronger, helping each other to understand ourselves and others around us. People will not understand you completely but teaching them without accusations of phobic views, when it is merely not understanding will strengthen the circle in unity. 


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