Civil Partnerships for everyone!


Before the UK’s government made marriage equality a reality, civil partnerships were introduced and are still available for lgbt couples still. The courts here have seen a couple of failed attempts to achieve equality in civil Partnerships for heterosexual couples , so I asked the question this week.

#lgbt Should civil partnerships be available for everyone, if your country already accepts equality in marriage?

Yes 75%
No 6%
Debunk Civil Partnerships 18%


Here’s are other peoples view on civil partnerships for all


Personally, I think they should be abolished, always just a stepping stone towards equality.

To which I asked

Wouldn’t this mean that people who don’t want marriage have the same rights?

To which he replied

I have a personal opinion, but I’m not gonna stand in the way of someone’s happiness. If cps were opened, so be it.

@beryl_boyce explains why she feels equality with civil partnerships is needed.

My brother & his girlfriend were together for 23yrs before she suddenly died last Sept. They never wanted to marry, but lived together. Now if they’d been able to have CP they’d have done it. But now my brother is in dire straits, everything was in her name. I’ve been helping him change everything over but it’s a challenge. My brother isn’t entitled to any bereavement benefits, widows benefits & this is totally wrong.


@theJBullfrog explains that civil partnerships are available in some States in America for all who wishes to use them as an alternative .

Here in California it’s available. Not sure nationwide. Keep fighting and the UK will get their rights as well.

We also need to understand clearly what would happen to civil partnerships that have already been granted. Automatic upgrade? Just a few thousand people with them, making them unique? Something that would need to be dealt with.

To give everyone a chance to air their opinion, here is one I wish to keep their name off my blog for obvious reasons.

They shouldn’t allow it because it isn’t right… God made two sex’s for a reason.


Clearly a very confusing question for some, unfortunately I’ve had much worst.

This all shows how important equality is for everyone, otherwise it devalues or makes a mockery of existing laws. Of cause the government needs to tread carefully and recently it was decided that more time would be needed to see what decision would be the best. 

Watch this space! 


One thought on “Civil Partnerships for everyone!

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  1. Thanks for this interesting post. Do you have a link about this, as I know a couple in the UK who would like to have a CP and don’t want to get married?

    My situation is a bit unusual. I live in Belgium where civil partnerships are available to everyone, and I have one with my (opposite sex) partner. We have been together since 2002 and had lived together in rented accommodation since 2004. We never felt the need to marry or to make a public statement about our relationship, which is stable and committed. We have nothing against marriage, and love to attend our friends’ weddings, we just never wanted to spend money on it nor did we feel that it was important for the quality of our relationship.

    In 2008 we bought a flat together and were strongly advised to get a CP by the ‘notaris’ handling our purchase. It offers each of us legal protection in the event that one of us should die: in other words, we have the inheritance rights-if we did not, other family members could make a claim on the deceased owner’s share (we do not anticipate that any family member would ever do this, but we want to be clear). Our CP means we are also taxed jointly, like a married couple, which works out better for us. It can be dissolved unilaterally in a week, should we separate, which I hope we would not do, but in the event that we did, this might reduce the time and money that a divorce would entail.

    I fully agree with both marriage and civil partnerships being available equally. We got ours on the way back from the notaris, for five euros, at the town hall on providing ID and proof that we are resident at the same address. We then had a pint at the local Irish bar to mark the occasion.

    Unfortunately our children are somewhat more conservative and think we should get properly wed. I think they have just got their eyes on some fancy outfits that they would like to wear for the occasion. 😉


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