Interview with a transgender female, starting her journey

Facebook-20150815-031720First of all tell me about yourself?

My name is Isaiah Robert Kennard. I came out as Transgender back in December of 2015. I had been feeling that way since I was around 8 years old, I used to wear girls clothing secretly when no one was looking and  I always felt different. For a while I thought maybe I was gay, but I like girls and guys so I never understood what it was. My family has never had much money and still don’t,  I’m unemployed and barely scraping by.

How old are you now?

I am 21 years old.

Seabeck2Where did you grow up?

Seabeck Washington, it is a really small town with around maybe 2000 people. This little town is about 30 minutes from more populated area called Silverdale and it’s not too far from Seattle. My town doesn’t have much, one general store, a coffee shop and two pizza joints.

How do you identify yourself sexuality or otherwise?

I’m not too sure; I’ve only been with 1 girl who I am currently engaged with. Sometimes I feel attracted to males but mainly females, I guess I could be classified as bisexual.

162272_5When did you first discover that you may be Transgender?

Not sure when I knew I was transgender, but I think I may have started wanting to be female when I was 10-13 years old.

Tell us a little about your early adult life?

Not much to tell since I am still young. I am 21 years old and all throughout junior high and high school I was bullied for being different. I was always the loner, the friends I did have, turned out to be using me to make fun of which they had been doing for around 4-5 years. My mother had been murdered when I was just 5 years old which took a tremendous mental and psychological toll on me. Growing up I went through many, many therapists who seemed to be doing more harm than good. I started lashing out in high school getting into fights. I started playing a game on the computer called Second Life when I just turned 15 which is where I started making most of my friends second life made me feel something I hadn’t felt before, I felt like I fit in and felt like I could be myself! I even got my first girlfriend on there. Fast forward couple years I lost the girlfriend and a couple online friends, but when I was 16 I met a girl the most amazing girl who now is my fiancé and we have been together for 5 years. She accepts me for who I am and not for someone I pretend to be.

transgender mainWho did you tell first, and how did they react?

I told my aunt who accepted it right away because her nephew on my uncles’ side is trans. My aunt said she wasn’t surprised I turned out transgender.

What was the reaction from your family?

They were a bit confused, but most of my family said its not surprising which made it easier.

How did you deal with it?

I am still dealing with it, I don’t have money for any hormones or surgeries.

What about work, were they OK, are they aware about the situation?

I’m unemployed and when I apply for a job and they find out I’m trans they seem to loose interest in hiring me.

So what’s the next step for the future?

My next step is to get a job and to get enough money to afford Hormones and surgery.

What about when people don’t know how to react or speak to you?  How do you deal with that?

 A couple of family members didn’t know how to deal with it so they blocked me on social media and stopped talking to me. It hurt, well it still does but I’m coping with that.

Do you think talking about it in general helps others became more aware, and do you think being visual about yourself actually helps or educates anyone out there?

It all depends on the person. I want to be more visual about it to show people it’s ok to feel the way I do and I’m not afraid to show it to the world. I’ve started wearing cosmetics and it feels utterly AMAZING!!

I always like to ask a topical question, what are your thoughts on the political climate in regards to LGBT and the right wing in your country right now?

It could be better. My state wants the Trans community to share a restroom with the handicapped which I find repulsive, like I don’t have an issue with handicapped but labelling us on a handicap sign makes it seem like being transgender is a handicap which it is not!

Any last thoughts

Nothing I’d like to add, other than thank you for taking time to do this interview with me Darren.

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