Lets unite more please!


In the last few years equality for lgbt has been at its best, with more openness and understanding than ever before. All of this has been brought on by people
such as Trevor Patrick Roper and Peter Wildeblood from the 1950’s through to many that are around today, such as David Jay who has brought Asexuality to the forefront, Dustin Lance Black and Russell T Davies all must be credited for their work and making even more visible, bringing along better understanding.

Of cause the community has new challenges to face. We are stronger facing them together. 

Recently the transgender community are beginning to shine, rightly so too. However, it has to be said that like in the 1970s with the rifts between Lesbians and gay men there are rifts today. In time and holding onto the same goals we can and must overcome them. As a United family, not fractions, not enemies, but one solid family. Because that way we are stronger.

Lets stop accusing each other of being phobic, towards the other groups if its a simple case of being Trans-unaware as an example, lets make people more aware. Perhaps its time we helped each other to understand the other groups better.

For many there are thin and sometimes blurred Lines in regards to their gender and sexuality, so for many dividing up the LGBT family into fractions will not work anyway.

We need more advocates in the UK that will unite and be representatives of the other groups within the lgbt family. As some groups are not well represented as others. However they will emerge in time and others are there as back up.

Recently I have been watching the conflicts that have been happening within our beautiful family and frankly while we are fighting among ourselves the serious work doesn’t get done.

If you have evidence that someone is being phobic towards a certain demographic or racist at all, make sure its forms solid evidence and deal with it appropriately . Otherwise lets move on.

Recently a man who has fought long and hard for almost 50 years has been called transphobic and even racist, among other things.

Peter Tatchell. 

The British lgbt family has a lot to thank this man for, probably one of our biggest fighters for #lgbt rights and its time people respected that he is human and he may or may not have made mistakes but this mans knowledge is important in continuing on with the fight for not just UK but global. His experience and skills should be used to help everyone of the lgbt family.

Every time you send him a ‘hate’ message calling him transphobic he is distracted from the real issues of today. Some of which affect the Transgender community as well as fights such as the veto in Ireland and #lgbt persons being murdered in Africa.

Yesterday I noticed his time lines were swamped with him trying to explain himself, instead of people talking about “what the hell are we going to do about xyz?”

One thing I have learnt over the years is you have to accept people for who and what they are. Allow people to bring the accusations to the table, if not let it be. Move on!

I read today someone accusing Peter for talking to someone who doesn’t have a good track record for Equal rights in the press and he shouldn’t. Peter has been doing that all his life, That’s how you make change. Let him do what he does best! If you think you can do better, then join in the fight, but don’t stop people from fighting.

I don’t always agree with Peter Tatchell tactics or thinking, some are from twenty or thirty years ago, a time that was so different to now and so we should not judge, as we didn’t live through it. Sometimes I’m sure people don’t agree with the tactics of myself and I have often defended myself, thought things through and change some approaches and moved on. Its a shame some still like throwing mud and not like making the world a better place. Standing in the way of activists when they are on the same team is has bad as being opposed to their general  standing. If someone like Peter gets the job done and we certainly have no one with his experience let him continue.

Please give people a break and lets unite as “United Sexualities and Genders” and not Lesbians, Gay men, Bisexuals, transgender and so on. We are stronger as one!

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