The origin of the word ‘faggot’


I was always taught if you are going to use words then you should research them and know there meaning.

The word Faggot as been long disputed.
The correct historic origins for the use on Wikipedia caused the page to be deleted because of the issues behind peoples understanding of it.

There are two main origins both in their own ways are associated with the same usage. One going back much further to times when witches would be burnt on the stake or later in history and certain areas of Europe, hung to death and then their bodies burnt.


Bear also in mind at this time anything that was not thought of as pure in regards of sexuality was often associated with witchcraft and the devil. Often used against your enemies. This would include the act of buggery and even adultery. There are many cases documented that men committing. Certain homosexual acts being accused of being a part of devil worship. This is because of the lack of understanding at this point in history, something today we should be better informed.

The term faggots most certainly came from a term given for a bundle of sticks and may or may not be used in an abusive term back then towards homosexuality. The word homosexuality didn’t exist till the latter end of the 19th century. The fact is in Tudor times it was a common misconception that men are attracted to women and likewise and nothing in between.

The term was used also to described old women that most probably have been widowed and would make a living in collecting firewood and would come from the phase ‘faggot-gatherer’ being shortened. A natural process would shorten it to faggot and fag. Association  and belief that homosexuals were all effeminate and no understanding of homosexuality would lead to the usage that spread across America in the19th/20th century.

I think all of us have heard it used as an insult towards another peer regardless of their sexuality, the user may or may not think how much harm it might cause. Somebody who is questioning their sexuality may be damaged by such terms.

Here’s the clincher according to Alfred Kinsey 45% of males may have had experienced sexual feelings towards other men. If you believe his research or not Stonewall UK believe that over 7% of men are openly homosexual. That amounts to over two and a half a million males in the uk alone.

On a side note : In the UK census of 2011 the question of sexuality was asked and only 1.5%  marked down they belonged to the LGBT family. It is thought this figure is low due to admittance to family members and other factors.

Many are not open with their sexuality at this moment in time some may not feel its ok to be gay right now. Imagine not being able to be who you truly are and the effects that may have on yourself.

When you find yourself questioning your sexuality it’s a long tough journey, maybe its time you should think about making it easier on others that are around you.

The great news is that many of us come to terms with our sexuality and embrace it. We don’t have to fear being hanged as that method of repression died out in 1861, in the UK at least. Sure enough it was replaced with amendments that led to blackmail but after 1967 that stopped too, although it didn’t solve issues of inequality. As recent as 2003 laws have become much better, making life easier.

Yet many seem to think it is ok to ridicule someone for their sexuality or gender. There is nothing to be ashamed of being gay. In fact admitting to yourself that you are and living the life you wish to gives you the greatest power in the world.

Its not called Gay Pride for no reason.

Some LGBT persons are even reclaiming words that have been used derogative in the past. That’s their choice of how they define themselves and not a choice someone should use against them.

So when you call me a faggot, ask yourself why are using such a term and what does it say about you? Uneducated? Bully? Ignorant? Or any other term you wish to use, the choice is yours, but be aware of your words as you don’t know who you may be hurting.

Your best friend maybe or relative could be struggling right now, because they have heard you use such a term on themselves or others around you both.

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