Put yourself in someone else’s shoes


Many years ago a lady told me about how different she was to her twin. For starters her twin was male. But on the face of it they had the same EVERYTHING. Through childhood they were brought up exactly the same, yet even though they were twins they blew the myths out of the water. Later I met him and I must say she was right! You wouldn’t even think they would be cousins, let alone twins. Which goes to show you don’t have to believe in stereotypes at all. Thinking about it, regarding to age  I am closer to my brother than sister, yet I am more like my sister.


Perhaps that’s DNA!! Who cares! It doesn’t matter at all. What really matters is that you are allowed to be yourself, as long as you are not harming anyone it doesn’t matter what your beliefs are. The key word is harming, if you do stand in someone’s way of who and how they identify themselves you need to ask yourself that very question.

Even if you don’t believe in what they do, why should you have the right to judge or criticise others? 

Even if you THINK that people LIKE them are monsters why should you have the right to judge people on the same level! YOU DON’T.

You should only have the right to judge when they are personally causing true harm towards others, not because you feel what others who have the same beliefs as them are causing harm.

There is good and bad in everyone. There is also frustration of not understanding others too. Maybe its time when we do feel frustrated instead of being vocal, hateful or in some cases violent towards others we should look at where they are standing.

Maybe sit down and talk to them, holding out our hands to them and say “educate me”.

Naturally we need to respect people’s personal heads space by not asking too intrusive questions, but asking, then listening with intent to understand the best you can, remembering we may never understand everyone’s circumstances completely, only the best we can. 

I have purposely made this as generic as I possibly can, to allow it to speak to us all. Be it about any situation, including something as trivia as not understanding why the hell it took that bloody driver two minutes to move out of the way of the traffic this morning, after all you was honking away at them as they stalled their car twenty times with a tank full of kangaroo fuel. Surely that’s enough to get anyone to move! I wonder how they would feel all day after that!

Another keyword is patience!

And another is openness, allowing people to ask questions yourself. Why did you do this/that etc.

We need to listen to each other better. Yet some of us don’t want to see the truth.Even if we were all twins then we would still all turn out so different and unique. This is because its not just our DNA that defines us, but the way we see the world too.
We can look at the same painting, yet see a completely different picture


That is something to think about whilst you put those shoes on of theirs, trying to understand better.

Apply this to any situation you like, it still fits. They still fit, if you allow them too! If you don’t then maybe the conflict will never resolve.

Maybe we all will begin hating everything and everyone and slowly destroying our personal world or ultimately the world around us.

On a final note, if you are a Christian, remember Jesus taught us to spread love not hate. 

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