What does Equality mean to you? 

​Last updated on 30th December 2016 

The dictionary definition of equality is…… 

  1. The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities.

  2. “an organization aiming to promote racial, Gender or sexuality equality”

    synonyms: fairness, justness,equitability,
    impartiality, even-handedness, egalitarianism,equal rights, 

Clearly different people have different views, but I asked my followers on @mattersofpride how they see equality. 


Fulfill of the Declaration & of the fact that all people are created equal and are born with unalienable rights. Life Liberty & Happiness.

Being able to be who you are without being persecuted for it. Equality=having the same opportunities without prejudice.

When straight people are no longer offended when being misidentified as gay and stop taking it as an insult.
To not judge others negatively because someone tells me to, hold any bias out of respect. 


Stay true to yourself through these ridiculous elections, know u deserve same rights as everyone else , stay safe. 

Having the same rights and privileges as others without hatred, oppression or punishment and the right to love and be loved. 
May we all have the same number of chances to grab happiness, have all the efforts, gifts and part of drams to be reflected to life quality. 

Easy, loving & accepting each other no matter what a person looks like, believes in or identifies as. Be who you love xx


Equality to me means being able to express my gender identity without fear of being labelled “wrong”


Equality means being free to live your life without fear of discrimination,  hatred,  or abuse for who or what you are.

In the UK ‘Equality and Diversity’ is the current term used for ‘Equal Opportunities’. It is the legal obligation to protect against discrimination.


Equality means to me to fight for sth that should be sth not to fight for coz it’s normality.

Everyone has a heart!

The Equality Act become law in October 2010 and replaced all other acts. This act enforces such discrimination not only of disability, race but religion, sexuality and gender.

Acas is set up in the UK to ensure employees get a fair deal in terms of equality and diversity. 



Judging me on my character rather than how I look.


The ability to be who you are without following what society thinks you should be.


Equality means not only being seen as an equal human being but actually treated as an equal by one’s fellow human beings.

One thought on “What does Equality mean to you? 

Add yours

  1. Equality to me means so many things and has changed throughout the years, but right now I would have to say it’s the ability to be able to live without fear and intimidation.


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